Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've heard about how some kids are worse at three years of age than they were at two. And I'm starting to really believe it.

William, at almost three, is far more of a handful now than he was even six months ago. In fact, I'd say that his current stage is the hardest I've ever dealt with, aside from the early months when all he did was nurse and not let me sleep.

I am so exhausted. I am exhausted, physically and emotionally. I am exhausted from trying to curb the bad behaviors--the hitting and the throwing things and the pushing. I am exhausted from trying to institute time outs. I am exhausted from trying to encourage good behavior. I am exhausted from dealing with his constant defiance.

And I am exhausted from failing.

I just lost it this afternoon. I tossed William into his crib, since it's the one place he can't escape. And I shut the door to his room and called my parents and cried.

I just can't do this. I know that children at this age are a bundle of impulses, and I know that they are just asserting their independence and pushing every button that they can. But I feel like my child is doing it far beyond anything I've ever seen from anyone else's kids that we know. Nothing seems to be making a difference.

And I really don't know where to go from here. I just feel...defeated.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! It sounds like you just need a vacation. And you can't compare how he acts with how other people's kids act, because they may be saving all their choicest fits for when they're alone with their parents. I think you should call a babysitter and take a day off, and you will probably feel better.


JenFen said...

Jake was a good 2 year old. He was much more defiant around age 3 - same age as William is now. There were days I felt the same way as you did. Have you read 1-2-3 Magic? It saved my life.

At any rate, hang in there and know you are not alone. William is a great kid and you are a great Mom. Hugs to you.

natalie said...

Oh, Larson, I'm sorry this is so hard right now. He's definitely "spirited" and has a lot of energy to test you, but you'll get through it. You're a great mom and you're doing the right thing by letting your friends and parents in on this. Big hugs.