Monday, March 02, 2009

DST starts this weekend

Public service announcement time.

Hey, y'all, did you realize that Daylight Savings Time starts this coming Sunday? That is, March 8. Yes, it does seem early. That's because it is earlier than we're used to it starting. It used to start in April. But now that it lasts later into the fall, it starts earlier in the spring, too.

I'm actually looking forward to it. First of all, I'm pro-anything that allows there to be more daylight later in the day. Nothing is more depressing than darkness at 5 p.m. on a cold, grim day. This is particularly true when it would be nice to take my child outside and let him run around but can't because it's dark outside. I'm looking forward to pre- and post-dinner walks around the neighborhood again when it warms up a little more, too.

Secondly, William's sleep schedule has been a little wonky lately, and I'm guardedly hopeful that DST will perhaps result in him sleeping a little later in the morning. Please, God. It worked last year, and it would be very, very helpful if it worked this year, too.

So fall back, spring forward. Bring it on.


Holly said...

Right on! (And thanks for the heads-up.) I have so desperately missed the ability to go for a nice long walk in the park with my husband and the kid and the dogs after he gets home from work, something we enjoyed very much over the summer.

Amy said...

okay miss cheerful you can take your DST starting this early and bump it, as my friend says. I was just getting used to getting up for work--now that I have to be there at a certain time that also happens to be earlier than my work start time for at least 6 years. And now it is FREAKING DARK when I have to get up for work and STILL DARK when I'm putting on my makeup...and I don't leave for work until 8 AM. so I still want to cut GWB for this little DST goody. Harumph!