Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pea in the pod, indeed

William stuck a pea up his nose last night.

He realized as soon as he put the pea in his nose that he had done Something Wrong. He bellowed, "My nose! Mommy!" and began sobbing. In fact, he got so upset that I was worried he was going to inhale the pea into his brain (okay, into his sinuses. I do have a better grasp on basic anatomy than that).

Luckily, with some coaxing and a little help from our friend Mr. Tweezers, the pea was quickly removed. Tearfully, William promised to never ever ever do it again.

David shook his head when he heard about this. "I always thought William was too smart to do somtehing like that," he mused.

Oh well. What is it about the nose that makes it so tempting for children to put things into it? Don't we all know someone who's stuck a pea or something up his nose? In fact, I could probably put together a list of perfectly normal smart people who, as small children, just happened to stuff random objects into their nostrils. I know my brother did. And my friend Phuong (sorry, for outing you on the interwebs, Phuongie).

Anyone else want to confess?


Holly said...

No confession (it's not that I'm sure I didn't -- I just don't remember), but there's an entire cabinet of itty-bitty drawers at the Mutter museum in Philadelphia filled with things extracted from children's noses. It's an impressive collection.

Aub said...

I must admit, I am very thankful he decided to do this at home and not at school! I am totally smiling thinking about it!

Aub said...

oh, and I once put a mike and ike in my nose. A yellow one.

Jennifer Larson said...

I've had several other people confess that they inserted something into their nose that didn't belong there. Beans, peas, and berries are heavily featured...

Of course, we had to stop William from trying to put a rock in his EAR at church yesterday. Sigh.