Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rain and other assorted minutiae

Signs that you've had a lot of rain recently:

The grass is green again.

The trees look a little less shriveled.

Your car hydroplanes just a little bit if you accelerate too fast.

Your toddler greets you barefoot at the classroom door at the end of the day because he spent all morning jumping in rain puddles and completely soaking his socks and shoes.

Remember when you were little and loved to jump in puddles? And didn't care if your clothes got dirty? After I got over my initial "OH, no," I felt a little nostalgic for my own childhood. I'd never intentionally jump in puddles now and get my feet wet on purpose...but I remember when I did.

William at Cheekwood for the annual scarecrow exhibit.

This is the Loch Ness Monster:

At his school's big fall carnival, better known as the Hoo-rah!

Playing the knock-over-the-pumpkins-and-win-a-small-dubious-plastic-prize game:

The infamous snowcone that ended up all over both Mark and William:

Hmmm, William wonders, is that hot dog good enough to eat? (Notice the snowcone stain here, too.)

A recent visit to the Belle Meade Methodist Pumpkin Patch:

William kept finding "the best pumpkin in the whole world!" over and over and over again...

But eventually he found The Best Pumpkin in the Whole World:

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures! It was fun to go to the Hoo Rah and visit the pumpkin patch with you.

Dee Dee