Saturday, April 26, 2008

Halloween in April

William is currently, weirdly, obsessed with Halloween. I tried to explain that Halloween only comes once a year, and we have a long time and lots of other stuff to do before it comes around again. But he's not convinced. It's not like he understands months of the year yet, so it's kind of a tough argument to make.

So lately he's been talking about Halloween almost all the time. And we've been reading as many Halloween books as William can get his hands on: "Corduroy's Trick or Treat," "Who Said Boo?" and so on. At the downtown library the other day, I told him he could pick any book to check out, and what does he pick but some random book called "Trick or Treat on Milton Street." Too bad that Richard Scarry never did a Halloween book. William would be in heaven.

I have no idea why he suddenly has gotten hooked on Halloween again! I guess that's just another item for the "Toddlers are Weird" file.

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