Saturday, April 19, 2008

Birthday party preview

Six dozen cupcakes later, thirty-odd people, and one rainy Saturday later, I can say that we successfully lived through William's second birthday party. And I think we all had a terrific time. I know I did. And given that William had a huge smile on his face all afternoon AND got to drink about four juice boxes AND eat a gazillion cherry tomatoes and a cupcake AND hang out with all his peeps...I'd say he was pretty happy, too!

I'll post more pictures later! In the meantime, the photo above should give you a brief taste. An unqualified hearty thanks to all the people who made the party possible, including but not limited to Mark (for making spinach dip), Diane (for everything, especially William wrangling and diaper-changing), Phuong and Eric (for set-up, cupcake-decorating, ice-cream scooping, tear-down and a bunch of other stufff), and Jaclyn (for loaning chairs and a cooler). Y'all are awesome.

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JenFen said...

Sorry it rained on W's party day but it sounds like you had a lot of help and a lot of fun. Cannot wait to see more pictures. Jake's party is Tuesday. I always manage to have it ON William's birthday even if in the middle of the week huh? LOL! Can't believe our little ones are turning two already!!!!!