Friday, August 03, 2007

End of beach week 2007

We've had terrible Internet access issues all week here at the house in Holden Beach, but hey, at least the weather was mostly good! There was a storm the other night, but we would have already been back up from the beach by then anyway. And what's a beach vacation without at least one torrential rainstorm, anyway? But like I said, the weather really was good most of the time, so we logged plenty of beach time.

The obligatory family photo from Holden Beach:

On another note...

I want to formally announce the birth of my dear friend Miller's new daughter: Mabry Parker Herring was born on Saturday, July 28. Congatulations to Miller and her husband Nathan. Yay! I can't wait to meet Mabry in person. Miller called on Monday, and she said that she can't stop looking at her. I remember the feeling, the feeling of awe that this little person was just inside you and now he/she's here, looking at you. Miller, if you're out there, it gets even better, too.

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