Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doing much much better

A week after the whole MRSA/cold/asthma flare-up, William is doing quite well. Thanks to everyone who has called or emailed to check on him!

Here's the basic update: the wheezing is gone, and the cough is just barely hanging on. The MRSA lesion on his leg is healing nicely; you can't even feel a nodule under the skin, and it's a lot smaller and scabbed over. We've still got a couple more days left of the sectumsempra med (by the way, the reason I started calling it that is because David calls it Septra, and I couldn't remember that name, and I liked the Harry Potter allusion anyway), and we're still putting muciprocin on the leg twice a day. We've cut back on the flo-vent to one puff, twice a day, but we'll continue to administer that for the foreseeable future, to see if we can ward off any future wheezing episodes. But since the cough is just about gone, we'll probably stop the albuterol treatments in a day or two.

So, by Wednesday, I expect that William will be getting flo-vent once in the morning and once in the evening, and that will be all. Whew! I practically needed a cheat sheet to keep all the treatments straight, what with twice-daily antibiotic administration, four albuterol treatments each day, two flo-vent inhalations, and the muciprocin three times a day. Oh yes, and singulair at dinnertime; we mix the little granules, which look like salt, into a small dish of applesauce and serve it up that way.

David rolled his eyes when I said he needed to write it all down for me, but my gosh, it's so easy to forget something when you've got that many things to orchestrate. One of us was forever quizzing the other: "Wait, has he had his antibiotic/singulair/albuterol yet tonight?" or "Ooops, I forgot the flo-vent. Can you run downstairs and get it?" And admittedly, I am terrible about taking medicine myself. About the only time in my life I've been good about remembering to take my own medicine on the appropriate schedule was when I was pregnant and my potent anti-nausea Zofran pills were the only thing standing between me and, well, me not standing.

William, to his credit, has been a champ during this entire time. He has willingly taken his medicine, in whatever form or fashion, nearly every single time without a fuss. A couple of times, he's started to get really wiggly after the third or fourth inhalation session ("I didn't inhale!"). But for the most part, he's been such a trooper. I felt guilty about inflicting so much medicine on him last week, despite the fact that it was for his own good, so I bought him a couple of new wooden puzzles. He loves carrying the pieces around and depositing them in strange new places. Hey, if it makes him happy...


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that little Moon Pie is doing better.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Does William get the side effects that sometimes come with albuterol/Flovent treatments such as the jitters and hyperactivity? My own mother used to let me run laps around the house (while I was home sick, mind you) b/c of the side effects of asthma meds. This was 20+ years ago, though.