Saturday, December 30, 2006

Sick but happy

William says, "I may be sick, but I'm still happy..."

And he also wanted y'all to know that yes, he is drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated.

Breaking news: William felt rather warm to me earlier, so I gave him some Tylenol, and he took a long morning nap. This afternoon, David worried that he might have a fever, and sure enough, the thermometer registered 101.9. David dug out his otoscope to have a look in the little prince's ears, and he saw some redness and whatever else signifies otitis media. So David just left for the hospital to pick up an antibiotic for William. Poor baby. I just put him down for his third nap of the day, and you can tell he doesn't feel well. He was starting to fall asleep on my lap, and he almost never does that anymore. Hopefully the antibiotic will knock out whatever's making him sick.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
Well you're still getting that big smile from him, so guess he's not feeling too too bad. He sure knows how to handle that sippy cup now!
Love, Mama Dee