Thursday, December 21, 2006


William is all about discovery these days.

He's curious about just about everything. And if someone else has it, he's definitely interested in it, particularly if it resembles high tech electronic gadgetry or food that he's never tried yet. It all goes in his mouth anyway. That, or he beats on it with his fist, then tries to put it in his mouth.

Here he is, playing with Mommy's box of Cheez-Its. Note: he did NOT get to eat any of the Cheez-Its themselves. He just got to enthusiastically gum the box.

He has a pretty good time, exploring, though.

Fun fact about the photos posted above: you will notice that William is only wearing one sock--his left sock. No, he doesn't have a weird form of Michael Jackson Thriller syndrome. He just loves to pull on his right sock. If he's wearing a footed sleeper, he tugs at the foot of the sleeper. But when he's wearing socks, it's only a matter of time before he gets at least the right one off. And puts it in his mouth, natch.


Anonymous said...

I think you had better get that baby one of those baby biscuits to chew on. He would love it, but I guess he will have to wait a few more months. And---I bet he will like Cheese-Its too! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen,
He probably could gum a baby biscuit. See what the Dr. Dave thinks. It's wonderful that he's so curious about everything, but sure keeps you busy!
Love, Mama Dee