Sunday, February 19, 2012

A weekend snow day


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Sort of. We've had a mild winter, but we had a big long wave of wet snowy flakes this morning. Even though William had a fever last night, he begged me to let him go outside for just a few minutes. He couldn't bear to miss what might be his only chance to get out in the snow.

And since I had ZERO pictures of Andrew in snow, I needed to take him out for a little while, too.

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Poor Andrew. He finally managed to get over the unpleasant sensation of big wet things landing on his face and started enjoying himself. He went off, having fun toddling around for a few minutes. Then he took off running and wiped out on the wet sidewalk. That about did it for him. I had wanted to get a picture of the boys together, but he was sobbing. Then he fell in the yard on the way back to the porch and got his knees and legs all muddy and wet.

And so we came back inside.

Incidentally, I am grateful that today is Sunday and tomorrow is a school holiday. We won't have to use any snow days for this, woohooo!

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