Monday, August 22, 2011

Scarface plays soccer

Check him out: William in his new soccer uniform!

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What you cannot see, however, in this picture is the big gash right above his right eye. At some ungodly hour of the night on Friday, William either fell out of bed (which he has done maybe one other time in his entire life), or he stumbled over something when he got up to go use the bathroom. He managed to cut a gash out of his upper eyelid, near the bottom of the brow bone.

Luckily for William, he has a personal physician who lives in his house and does middle-of-the-night consultations. David determined that it could wait 'til morning, so we cleaned him up and sent him back to bed. They went in to David's office on Saturday morning so one of the other docs could take a look at the cut. The other doctor decided that William didn't really need stitches, so they came home and prepared for William's first soccer game with his new team.

To keep William from getting too upset over the cut, David and I talked up the cool factor of having a scar. "Indiana Jones has a scar," I told him. "You're just like Indiana Jones." And David showed him the scar that he acquired under his chin 30-odd years ago. William somehow juxtaposed those two things and announced that his daddy was just like Indiana Jones. Sure he is, kiddo. We'll start putting some Mederma on the cut as soon as it's healed up a bit more.

In the meantime, he wore a hat for soccer practice. And then he shed the hat for the actual game, which went quite well. William even scored! a! goal! On purpose, no less! As someone with virtually no athletic ability whatsoever, I was especially excited that someone with my genes was able to achieve something like that. I mean, my dad's nickname is Tanglefoot, and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, if you'll recall my little dishwasher incident last summer. Maybe David's genes are the dominant ones in this instance.

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But the best part of the whole experience was that the new coach singled William out in front of his whole team and praise him for not retaliating or responding when a child on the opposing team was rude to him. I thanked her afterward for that.

Incidentally, William did not acquire any injuries at all on the soccer field. But he managed to wipe out on the sidewalk in front of our neighbor's house last night and cut both knees open and skinned both palms. So this morning, he went off to kindergarten with a big old cut above one eye and Star Wars bandages on both knees. And none of those wounds were acquired from an activity that you might expect would result in cuts or bruises. David remarked ruefully that he hoped no one would call Child Protective Services on us.

William was much more upset, somehow, about the cut on his knee than he was about the cut on his eyelid. Indiana Jones, you know. Anyone know any famous people with scars on their knees?

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