Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Andrew's first haircut

People always joke about how the second (or third) kid doesn't get nearly as much attention as the first kid did.

You know. No one ever takes as many pictures of the second kid. The second kid has to wear hand-me-downs from his older sibling. The toys aren't all new. The nursery furniture is secondhand. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Here's yet another example to add to the list. Another piece of evidence to lead to conviction, if you will.

I took Andrew to get his first haircut yesterday. But I didn't make an appointment in advance, or make a big fuss over it, or take three dozen photos during the session. He didn't get a special letter or certificate, and I didn't even rush home and blog about it. I was too busy, making sure that his older brother got a decent haircut, too, in fact.

It was almost a non-event, in fact. Well, except that Andrew did NOT like having his hair cut. I had to hold him on my lap, since he was not about to sit in the chair by himself. The lady draped both of us in capes, but his didn't stay on for very long. I finally pulled out my iPhone and showed him a video of William singing in his preschool class to keep him from writhing around.

And I did plunk him down in the front yard for a handful of snapshots when we finally got home. Andrew's hair wasn't very long in the front or on top to begin with, so the hairdresser mostly just trimmed the back. You can't really tell much difference from the front.

You can see more in this next shot, though. The mullet is gone at last. That's all good.

But still. I feel a little guilty that there wasn't as much pomp and circumstance around his first haircut. Because it seems like there's never as much pomp and circumstance for him, as the second child!

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Anonymous said...

It looks great! He's such a handsome little guy.

Dee Dee