Friday, April 22, 2011

Now we are five

William turned five years old today.

Five. FIVE. F-I-V-E.

This is what five looks like:

I mean, wow, it just doesn't seem possible.

From this...


 just five short years:

With his Star Wars birthday cake yesterday:

With his dear friend Leland:

And in true William fashion, today was a whirlwind day. We started the day with a trip to Pancake Pantry with William's Dee Dee and Grandadaddy Aaron and Uncle Mark. Then Dee Dee took William to Cheekwood to see the new model train exhibit and then on to Sweet CeCe's for frozen yogurt. THEN we went to our church's Easter Egg hunt, then went to soccer practice and THEN went out to dinner at Las Maracas with Leland and her family. (That first picture was taken today after soccer practice.)

William should be in a coma right now, honestly. We finally got him in bed about 15 or 20 minutes ago. I told him, "Hey, you have a whole year to be five now."

It's good to be five, he'll tell you.


Oh yeah, and a quick anecdote from William's first day as a five-year-old:

Andrew seems to love dogs, and he practically jumped out of my arms this afternoon at the Easter Egg hunt because he wanted to get down to see the host's dog.

So I said to William on the way to soccer practice, "You know, Andrew really seems to like dogs. I think you're more of a cat person, but I think Andrew's going to be a dog person."

William's response: "I think I'm more of a werewolf person."

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JenFen said...

He sure has grown into a handsome 5 year old boy. His face still looks like the baby I knew way back when but man, his hair got so much darker.It suits him though. Happy birthday William!