Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Assorted anecdotes from the month of March

So it occurred to me this evening that I have a whole bunch of small stories or anecdotes that I keep meaning to post...and then somehow I never find the time to do it. None of them are really long enough for an entire post, but I still think they're worth remembering. So I'm going to put together what we in the news biz call a "round up" of news from the homefront.

Here goes!

* * *

Being a big fan of Harry Potter, William likes to make "potion" in the bathtub these days. That is, when he's not hugging Andrew half to death or sending huge waves of water out onto the bathroom floor. Okay, to be fair, Andrew really is the one who makes the most mess. He's taken to throwing those little stacking cups out of the tub and soaking the bathmat.

But I digress.

Where was I again? Oh yes, the potion. So William made a "potion" tonight out of bathwater and Suave coconut-scented 'no tears' shampoo for kids. He mixed it up in a little red plastic baseball helmet that held a soft-serve ice cream sundae at a baseball game, once upon a time.

He showed to me and proudly announced that it was a special potion that would make you feel like red hot lava! (He's very interested in volcanoes these days, too.)

I didn't have the heart to tell him that something like that already exists. They call it "moonshine."

* * *

When I asked him who he wanted to pray for tonight, he came up with the people of Japan, Egypt, and Libya. All on his own, without any prompting or suggestions from me. I'm pretty darned proud of him right now.

* * *

Andrew now likes to hold onto the railing of his crib and jump up and down. You can hear the thumping all over the house. He loves to do it first thing in the morning, especially. So now that is how we mostly find him after he's been asleep, although occasionally we'll sneak up on him while he's still sitting up and "reading" his books. And there was one morning last week when I walked into his room, and he was sitting down. When he saw me come in, he began to clap. How can you top that for a greeting, I ask you?

* * *

So you know how William likes to eat just about everything, except for maybe lettuce? Well, Andrew's eating pretty well these days now, too, much to my relief. However, his favorite foods are 1) toast, 2) toast, 3) bread, 4) green peas and 5) toast. He also loves bananas, peaches, yogurt and did I mention toast and bread? If he's close enough to you, he will actually take a piece of bread out of your hand and stuff it into his mouth. I had a piece of raisin toast clenched in my teeth the other day, and he snatched it away and crammed it into his mouth before I even knew what was happening. The boy loves his bread.

* * *

My mom was visiting last week, and I was so glad that she was here while all the trees were starting to burst into bloom. Nashville really is beautiful in the springtime, and we all enjoyed seeing the Bradford pear trees and daffodils in bloom.

Mom pointed out the yellowbelle bushes in bloom to William and told him about how her grandmother always loved to see their yellow blossoms. Now, every time we see a particularly gorgeous yellowbelle bush, William says that it reminds him of his Mama Judi.

* * *

Both of William's preschool teachers are getting married very soon, so the moms of all the kids in the class threw them a surprise bridal shower a couple of weeks ago. It was gorgeous. In fact, it was nicer than my wedding!

I think the teachers were excited, and the kids had a ball. One of the moms had the genius idea of buying a bunch of those disposable cameras and setting one at each child's place at the table. So the kids had a big time taking pictures of themselves, their friends, their teachers, the moms, Andrew (he was there, too), and all the decorations. I hope that whoever gets the film developed shares some of the photos from those.

Each of the boys got a boutonniere to pin to his shirt, and the girls all received mini bouquets of flowers. The teachers each got a white ball cap with "Bride" emblazoned on them. In this picture of William with Miss Davies, you can see the hat, the boutonniere, and one of the cameras:


Anonymous said...

How many times can I type in "aaaaaaaaaw" here?!?!
What a Sweet William! And people don't think the babies know what's going on? This proves them wrong. His parents and grandparents have taught him well!

Anonymous said...

I love all these little stories! What sweet boys! You and David are doing such a great job with them!

With Love,