Saturday, February 26, 2011

The birthday boy and his cake

On Wednesday, William and I picked out a Sesame Street birthday cake at Publix, and the cake came with a free "smash cake" for Andrew to have all to himself. We picked them up this morning, along with a Sesame Street balloon, and prepared for Andrew's first birthday party, which we had this evening.

And what would a first birthday party be without a camera, right?

Here, Andrew was thinking, "Here I am, all cute in my birthday bib and crown, mugging for the camera! Hi, Mom!"

But then I put the cake in front of him, and I could practically hear him thinking, "Vot? Vot ees dees theeng? Vy ees she putting eet in front of meeeee? No! NOOOOOOO!"

(He doesn't always have a bad German accent in my head, just so you know.)

And finally, Andrew grudgingly gave the frosting a try. He seemed to like it. The cake, maybe not so much, but the frosting was a qualified success. There was no euphoric "CAKE!" moment like William had when he was eating his first birthday cake, but at least he was interested. I should note that this is the kid who would rather eat cold green peas from the fridge more than almost anything else on earth. He'll casually throw Cheerios and banana pieces onto the floor, but he almost never tosses peas onto the floor.

Of course, then he started flinging handfuls of icing and cake off the highchair tray and onto the floor. All done.

He liked his present from William more than the frosting, though.

And he liked playing with his daddy the best of all.

Needless to say, Andrew was plumb tuckered out by the end of the evening.

(I had to use a nice down-home folksy phrase like "plumb tuckered out" because he was just so darn cute that it deserved that type of phrase. Don't you reckon so?)

Onward toward William's fifth birthday, I guess. I have an almost-two-month breather to get ready for whatever that ends up being.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew was so cute in his birtday togs and knew that he was the center of attention.
Have a wonderful year, little guy! You're a joy to have in our family!

Lots of love,
Dee Dee