Friday, September 17, 2010

The sweet spot

Andrew will be seven months old next week. It's the sweet spot of babyhood. He's old enough to be able to really engage with us, but he's too young to go anywhere. Or to talk back to us. He sleeps through the night, and I can still pretty much drag him around to wherever I happen to be going. I do know, however, that those days are going to end before too long. So I'm trying to just enjoy him right now as much as I can.

I'm posting a few photos that I took the other night when we all got down on the floor to play with Andrew.

Augh! I just want to gobble him up when he's all bright-eyed like this:

Hmm. How'd all those rings get on Andrew? Can you tell that this little guy has a big brother?

If you look closely in this last picture, you can see that David's got one finger hooked in the strap of Andrew's overalls. That's so Andrew won't just pitch forward and land on his face. He's getting better every day, though, about sitting up on his own. He's much more stable than he was even a week ago.

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Anonymous said...

I agree that this is such a sweet age for babies. what a handsome and smiley little guy!