Sunday, October 04, 2009

Yes. No. YES. NO. Yes...

Why are small children so inconsistent? Or is it just my child? My child, you see, will answer a question in the affirmative and then, not, fifteen seconds later, answer the exact same question in the negative. Or vice versa. You could get whiplash if you were paying close attention and expecting him to stick with his original (or second, or third) answer.

Here's just the most recent example.

Me, about three hours ago: "William, do you want macaroni and cheese with the rest of your lunch?"

William: "NO! NO! I just want grilled cheese samwich, and that's all. No macaroni and cheese, and that's it!"

Later, when I'm about to start eating mac'n'cheese, I hear, "Mommy, is the macaroni and cheese ready? I want some. Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready?"

Then, from William, as he frantically inhaled two portions of mac'n'cheese: "Mommy, macaroni and cheese is my FAVORITE."

Inconsistent? Mercurial? Or does a small boy just like to exercise the right to change his mind?

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