Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Three plus one equals four

Isn't it hard to believe that this little guy...

...eventually became this not-so-little guy?

(for the record, those are David's shoes. He's not that big yet.)

And since David and I have had three years now to develop amnesia about what it's like to have a tiny little needy baby in the house all the time, we thought, "Hey! Why not do it again?"

That's right. The Three Peas in a Pod are going to become Four Peas in a Pod pretty soon. Well, not that soon. Not soon enough for this pregnant lady, at any rate. William's going to be a big brother, sometime around the beginning of March.

This, folks, is what you might call the ultimate leap of faith. It will probably feel more imminent, of course, once I get over the All Day and All Night Ugliness that characterizes pregnancy for me. Right now, I'm excited in theory....but sick in practice. But we're definitely glad.

Um, and can I ask you all for a big favor? Can you reassure me that I'm not, in fact, crazy to have another one? I mean, I remember the last one (sort of), and I know there are going to be sleepless nights and all that. But can you tell me the benefits outweigh them? Thx.


Anonymous said...

You are not crazy, and you all are wonderful parents. This time around, your family and friends are 5 minutes away. All you need to do is call, text, write, email, Tweet, fb, scream, and cry and we are so there.


P.S. Are you about to complete week 14 this week?

JenFen said...

I am so excited for you guys. Yeah! William is going to make such an awesome big brother. Congrats, congrats,congrats.

Um and yeah the benefits of having two far outweigh the sleepless nights but somehow I think you knew that.

Are you going to find out baby's gender? Sorry about the all day sickness. That should be passing soon hopefully.

Again so excited for you all.

Holly said...

I have no relevant experience, but I have to believe that, like having the first one, it's going to be so hard at first that you think, "What was I, crazy?" and then so great that you think, "How did we ever get by without this delightful person in our lives?"

Anissa said...

Congrats Jennifer! You are not crazy for having another one, but it will be crazy for awhile. We live in total chaos, but I can't imagine our lives any other way. Embrace it! William will be so lucky to have a brother or sister.

Anonymous said...

Speaking strickly as a First Born... I am so very glad my parents didn't stop with me. There is so much to learn from siblings, so much fun to have with them, and then wonderful, fun memories to share. Congratulations! (Surely everything is easier the second time!)