Tuesday, May 12, 2009

William Wyckoff may be reached at...

How absurd is this?

I just signed William up for his own email account. For the record, he can now be reached at williamdwyckoff [at] gmail.com.

Isn't it nice that we could get a really good username for him? Apparently it's much easier when you have a last name like Wyckoff. David should have thought about that angle when he asked me to marry him and I decided to keep my own last name.

And, no, I'm not deluded enough to think that my son is so smart that he's ready to start reading and sending his own email. He can spell his own name, yes, but I don't know how many of you want to receive emails with nothing but WILLIAM spelled over and over in them. I had to establish an account for him in order for him to receive a two-year subscription to Lego magazine. Yes, I'm sure you can all imagine whose idea that was.

So now my son sleeps in a big boy bed, he's getting potty-trained, he's learning to read (okay, that may be a stretch), and now he's got his own email address. Sniff. My boy's growing up so fast. (He also asked me if he could have my car keys the other day. Since his feet do not yet reach the pedals, I figured it wouldn't destroy him if I demurred.)

Obviously, David and I have privileges with this new email account. We have the password. And control. (For now.) We probably won't be sending out much email through the account, but if you should ever get an email from a William Wyckoff, well, for goodness sake's, open it and read it!

And no. He will not be receiving a cell phone anytime soon.

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