Friday, February 06, 2009

Pretty, pretty princess

I used to think I'd never have to deal with all the Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White things because I had a boy. I figured that we'd be completely immersed in All Things Boy, and our house would be completely devoid of anything the slightest bit pink or princessy.

Ha ha! The Disney Princess love continues at our house and shows no signs of abating. The current activities include:

*William now sleeps with both his Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty books in his crib with him.

*He likes to pick out a Disney Princess sticker for potty-training successes.

*He brushes his teeth with Disney Princess toothpaste.

*He insisted that I buy a Cinderella puzzle for him as one of his "big" potty-training treats.

*He saw some Disney Princess fruit treats at Publix a few days ago and nearly surrendered his beloved Spider-Man fruit treats in favor of the pink frilly ones.

*He likes to don his little dress-up crown and have us call him "Prince William."

*And today, William insisted on taking his beloved Sleeping Beauty book to school to show to his teachers and friends.

But you know what? I'm fine with all this. So what if William's a boy and he loves all the princessy stuff? It's a phase. It's a funny phase, to be sure, but it's just a phase. I blogged about it recently over on Go Get Your Jacket, in fact. The way I see it is this: it must get boring to have to play with the same-old, same-old stuff that stuffy old grown-ups think is appropriate for your gender. Why not shake things up a bit and let little boys dabble in princess stuff and let girls play with footballs and Thomas the Tank Engine?

Right now, William's into princesses. Next month, he'll probably have moved onto something else. So I might as well just sit back and enjoy the brief reprieve from trains, tractors and Star Wars. So I think I will.

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natalie said...

Our friend's son used to put on his "dancing dress" before the whole clan would boogie in the living room. Yes, pink and frilly and awesome. Sad that that phase is over!